Young Scientists' Program
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GIF Young Scientists’ Program
The “GIF Young Scientists’ Program” aims to encourage young scientists and help them establish first contacts with potential counterparts in Israel or Germany. The program will give these scientists an opportunity to present themselves and their research activities in the other country.

For this purpose, a travel of 2-3 weeks to the partner country at the end of the project period is mandatory.
Project period and budget
Young Scientists’ projects are funded for a period of 1 year, with a total budget of up to EUR 40,000.
The funds are intended for project-related expenditures such as
  • salaries (except the applicant’s)
  • travel (within and between Germany and Israel only; visit to partner country mandatory)
  • equipment / material / operating expenses,
  • symposia (in Germany and Israel only),
  • publications
Detailed information on budget will be provided in the guidelines for applicants.
Please note: The GIF Young Scientists is not a fellowship program; therefore applicants may not include their own salary in the budget. The grant is neither intended to supplement or be combined with a postdoctoral fellowship from another source.
Eligibility of investigators and institutions
Young Scientists applying for grants must be recognized staff members of a GIF-eligible institution with legal status.
The age limit for applications in this program is 40 years at the starting date of the grant.
The period passed since applicants received their Ph.D., M.D., or equivalent degree may not exceed 7 years.
Only scientists from non-profit scientific organizations in the two countries are eligible to submit research proposals to the GIF. 
The final decision on the eligibility of any given institution rests with GIF.
In case of doubt, please contact us.
Applicants who have previously submitted to the regular GIF program will not be accepted.
Submission Cycles
Open for submissions in all academic fields each year.
GIF projects shall concern science and technology for peaceful purposes only.
Both basic and applied research projects in all areas will be considered equally with no predetermined quotas.
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