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2014 Submission Cycle - Awarded Grants

At the annual Board Meeting of the GIF Board of Governors 2015, the following projects submitted in fall 2014 were approved in the GIF Regular Program and the GIF Young Scientists' Program:


GIF Regular Program
N-glycosylation in Sulfolobus acidocaldarius, a thermoacidophilic archaeon
Prof. Eichler Jerry, Ben Gurion University
Prof. Albers Sonja-Verena, Freiburg University of Education
Religious Minorities: Discrimination, Grievances and Conflict
Prof. Dr. Basedau Matthias, GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies
Prof. Fox Jonathan, Bar Ilan University
Contesting Authorities Over Body Politics: The Religious/Secular Tension in Germany, Israel and Turkey
Prof. Dr. Yurdakul Gokce, Humboldt Universitaet zu Berlin
Prof. Lavi Shai, Tel Aviv University
Substance Administered Device for Automated Type 1 Diabetes Management Solution for Patients with Sub-Optimal Metabolic Control
Prof. Dr. Kordonouri Olga, Hannover Medical School
Prof. Phillip Moshe, Schneider Children Medical Center
Dr. Nimri Revital, Schneider Children Medical Center
Prof. Dr. Danne Thomas, Kinderkrankenhaus auf der Bult
Defining activity-dependent vulnerabilities for various neuronal populations with synucleinopathies: a vista to neuroprotective strategies
Prof. Dr. Roeper Jochen, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt
Dr. Goldberg Joshua, Hebrew University
Cell-associated IL-1 alpha in colon epithelial and fat cells affects the milieu for progression of inflammation-induced cancer
Dr. Glauben Rainer, Charité University Medicine Berlin
Prof. Apte Ron, Ben Gurion University
Prof. Siegmund Britta, Charité University Medicine Berlin
Prof. Voronov Elena, Ben Gurion University
A Cross-Cultural Developmental Investigation of Inter-Group Biases in the Conceptualization of Others
Prof. Diesendruck Gil, Bar Ilan University
Prof. Rakoczy Hannes, Georg August University Goettingen
The role of protein phosphorylation in regulating the intra-mitochondrial selectivity of mitophagic processes
Prof. Abeliovich Hagai, Hebrew University
Prof. Dengjel Joern, University of Freiburg
Pathogenesis of neural mechanisms associated with the freezing of gait phenomenon in Parkinson's disease
Prof. Dr. Kurths Juergen, Humboldt Universitaet zu Berlin
Dr. Plotnik Meir, Sheba Medical Center
Gestural-verbal brain associations: the role of cognitive embodiment
Prof. Lavidor Michal, Bar Ilan University
Prof. Floel Agnes, Charité University Medicine Berlin
Electromechanical dyssynchrony and resynchronization; New cellular and molecular insight using in-vivo and in-vitro rat models
Prof. Eschenhagen Thomas, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf
Dr. Etzion Yoram , Ben Gurion University
Processing of Multisensory Social Cues in the Insular Cortex and its role in Maternal Behavior
Dr. Cohen Lior, Haifa University
Dr. Gogolla Nadine, Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology
Mechanistic insight into the roles of the Fe-S cofactors in the function of proteins involved in maintaining genome stability
Dr. Ben-Aroya Shay, Bar Ilan University
Prof. Lill Roland, Philipps University Marburg
The ability to detect sound regularities – a common factor underlying musical and linguistic skills?
Prof. Ahissar Merav, Hebrew University
Prof. Koelsch Stefan, Freie Universitaet Berlin
In search of leukemia cell of origin: regulation of DNA double-strand break repair pathways in human hematopoiesis from embryonic to adult stage
Dr. Milyavsky Michael, Tel Aviv University
Prof. Wiesmueller Lisa, University Hospital Ulm
Nuclear bio-mechanics and its link to somatic and cardiac muscle performance
Prof. Frasch Manfred, Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuernberg
Prof. Volk Talila, Weizmann Institute of Science
Structural dynamics of proton-coupled oligopeptide transport
Dr. Hofmann Hagen, Weizmann Institute of Science
Dr. Loew Christian, EMBL Hamburg
Genetic Reprogramming of T Cells for Targeted Delivery of New Therapeutics to the Tumor Site
Prof. Abken Hinrich, University of Cologne
Prof. Gross Gideon, Migal,  Galilee Technological Center
Prof. Eshhar Zelig, Weizmann Institute of Science
The effect of malfunctioning DNA damage response (DDR) on cerebellar development, functionality, degeneration and repair
Prof. Barzilai Ari, Tel Aviv University
Prof. Shiloh Yosef, Tel Aviv University
Prof. Dr. Wang Zhao-Qi, Leibniz Institute for Age Research - Fritz Lipmann Institute
Prof. Ben-Jacob Eshel, Tel Aviv University
Dr. Pinkas-Kramarski Ronit, Tel Aviv University
Molecular dissection of the epithelial-mesenchymal cross-talk in establishing final pancreas shape
Dr. Landsman Limor, Tel Aviv University
Dr. Spagnoli Francesca, Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine
Strikes in Essential Services: A "Law in Action" Study in Comparative and International Context
Prof. Dr. Mironi Mordehai, Haifa University
Prof. Dr. Schlachter Monika, University of Trier
Molecular basis, ecological consequences and evolutionary history of floral-scent loss in Shepherd’s Purse (Capsella)
Prof. Dr. Hilker Monika, Freie Universitaet Berlin
Prof. Dr. Lenhard Michael, University of Potsdam
Prof. Vainstein Alexander, Hebrew University
Deciphering the role of OxyS toxicity in bacterial response to oxidative stress
Prof. Altuvia Shoshy, Hebrew University
Prof. Dr. Hess Wolfgang, University of Freiburg
Nuclear lamins: Assembly and Organization
Prof. Dr. Goerlich Dirk, Max Planck Society
Prof. Medalia Ohad, Ben Gurion University
Prof. Gruenbaum Yosef, Hebrew University
Understanding the pathomechanisms of severe congenital neutropenia and cyclic neutropenia through patients derived induced pluripotent stem cells
Prof. Dr. Welte Karl, University Hospital Tuebingen
Prof. Tamary Hannah, Schneider Children Medical Center
Dr. Steinberg Shemer Orna, Schneider Children Medical Center
Prof. Dr. Skokowa Julia, University Hospital Tuebingen
Cellular mechanisms of gibberellin transport in plants
Dr. Shani Eilon, Tel Aviv University
Prof. Schwechheimer Claus, Munich University of Technology
The neural mechanisms and treatment of hypothyroidism and mental retardation disorders
Dr. Appelbaum Lior, Bar Ilan University
Dr. Stainier Didier, Max Planck Institute
Architecture, Planning and Foreign Policy: Israeli and GDR Development Cooperation in sub-Saharan Africa 1950-1990
Prof. Dr. Misselwitz Philipp, Technische Universitaet Berlin
Prof. Dr. Yacobi Haim, Ben Gurion University (BGU)
Dr. Butter Andreas, Leibniz Institute for Regionial Development and Structural Planning
Prof. Dr. Frey Marc, Universitaet der Bundeswehr Muenchen
Foraging ecology and plant dispersal by fruit bats: the role of social, genetic and physiological factors
Prof. Nathan Ran, Hebrew University
Prof. Voigt Christian, Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research
Role of Thrombin and Protease-Activated Receptor (PAR-1) in hyperexcitable neuronal networks: from seizures to maladaptive plasticity.
Dr. Vlachos Andreas, University Hospital Frankfurt
Dr. Maggio Nicola, Sheba Medical Center
Adverse effects of bleeding and transfusion of "aged" vs. fresh red blood cells on liver regeneration post liver resection – possible mechanisms
Dr. Abramovitch Rinat, Hadassah Medical Center
Dr. Frede Stilla, University Hospital Bonn
Prof. Dr. Matot Idit, Tel Aviv University
Molecular MR imaging of novel biomarkers for the assessment of combined image-guided ablation and targeted nano-siRNA therapies of liver cancer.
Prof. Makowski Marcus, Charité University Medicine Berlin
Prof. Goldberg Shraga Nahum, Haddasah Medical Center
Dr. Chapiro Julius, Charité University Medicine Berlin
Dr. Collettini Federico, Charité University Medicine Berlin
Illuminating the Circadian Clock, From Fish to Human Cells
Prof. Dr. Foulkes Nicholas, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Prof. Gothilf Yoav, Tel Aviv University
Prof. Eisenberg Eli, Tel Aviv University
Abundance and significance of naturally occurring organelle-to-nucleus gene transfers
Dr. Hazkani-Covo Einat,  Open University of Israel
Prof. Dr. Martin William, Heinrich Heine University Duesseldorf
Mnk2 alternative splicing regulation by the Ras-MAPK pathway, its role in breast cancer development and its modulation as novel cancer therapy
Prof. Dr. Heyd Florian, Freie Universitaet Berlin
Prof. Karni Rotem, Hebrew Univ
Pathogenesis of Extramedullary Childhood Leukemia
Prof. Izraeli Shai, Sheba Medical Center
Dr. Eckert Cornelia, Charité University Medicine Berlin
"It's all Hebrew to me!" - Perception of emotions in German and Hebrew speech - cross-cultural, linguistic and second language aspects
Dr. Ben-David Boaz, Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya
Prof. Dr. Allen Shanley, University of Kaiserslautern
Prof. Dr. Lachmann Thomas, University of Kaiserslautern
Thucydides and Political Order Reconsidered: Towards a 21st Century Reading of the History of the Peloponnesian War
Dr. Thauer Rudolf Christian, Hebrew University
Prof. Dr. Wendt Christian, Freie Universitaet Berlin
Midbrain dopamine and GABA inputs onto hippocampus and medial prefrontal cortex: function in motivation, spatial learning and memory
Dr. Morris Genela, Haifa University
Dr. Korotkova Tatiana, Leibniz Institute f. Molecular Pharmakology (FMP)
Developing strategies to identify peptide biomarker candidates for serological diagnostics
Dr. Ofran Yanay, Bar Ilan University
Dr. Or-Guil Michal, Humboldt Universitaet Berlin



GIF Young Scientists’ Program
Elucidation and Characterization of Novel Stem Cell Populations
Prof. Fuchs Yaron, Technion
A Traditio-historical Study of the Story of Baal’s Combat with Mot (KTU 1.4 VII 43 – 1.6 VI 35) in Light of Ancient Near Eastern Traditions
Dr. Ayali-Darshan Noga, Bar Ilan University
Statutory rape relationships: perceptions of German and Israeli adolescents and young adults
Dr. Tener Dafna, Hebrew University
Partial confessions to unethical behavior
Dr. Peer Eyal, Bar Ilan University
Rituals and Ceremonies in Hasidism
Dr. Sagiv Gad, Open University of Israel
Maximizing learning from tests: Examining the relationship between practice test difficulty and final test difficulty
Dr. Halamish Vered, The Max Stern Emek Yizreel College
Long wavelength photocages for controlling phytohormones activity
Dr. Weinstain Roy, Tel Aviv University
Syntactic Parsing in Context
Prof. Reichart Roi, Technion
Regulation of sphingolipids biosynthesis in Sphingomonads and its role in environmental adaptation
Dr. Yadid Itamar, Migal, Galilee Technological Center
Statistical Inference for Systems of Differential Equations
Dr. Dattner Itai, University of Haifa
Characterizing Collective Spiking Dynamics in vivo and in silico
Dr. Priesemann Viola, Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization
Bacterial Outer Membrane Vesicles And Plant Immunity: A Whole New Affair Of Plant Microbe-Interactions
Dr. Bahar Ofir, ARO Volcani Beit-Dagan
The link between BRCA mutation and endothelial function - a pilot study
Dr. Margel David, Rabin Medical Center (Beilinson Hospital)
The Reduction of Cycle Time in Semiconductor Manufacturing by Decreasing Production Variability of Factors Causing Waiting Time
Dr. Tirkel Israel, Ben Gurion University
Wave-like robotic locomotion over compliant surfaces
Dr. Zarrouk David, Ben Gurion University
Inferring the demography of archaic human populations using genomes sequenced from ancient DNA
Dr. Gronau Ilan, Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya
Interpersonal sensory-motor synchronization in Autism Spectrum Disorders
Dr. Brezis Rachel, Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya
New methodologies in detecting intense geomagnetic anomalies from sedimentary and archaeological records in the Levant
Dr. Shaar Ron, Hebrew University
Quantum Photonics in Nano-structured Media
Dr. Ginzburg Pavel, Tel Aviv University
Developing an Underwater Imaging System for Micropollution
Dr. Treibitz Tali, University of Haifa
Creativity on Demand: Tensions and Potentialities of Routinized Innovation in Contemporary U.S. Business Norms and Practices
Dr. Wilf Eitan, Hebrew University)
Disabled People and Social Policy: Re-connecting Private Experience and Historical Context
Dr. Holler Roni, Hebrew University
Identifying novel proteins in adipose tissue of late gestation dairy cows that predict metabolic response and performance in subsequent lactation
Dr. Zachut Maya, ARO Volcani Beit-Dagan
Dynamics of lubricated non-Newtonian gravity currents, and ice-sheet instability
Dr. Sayag Roiy, Ben Gurion University
Gating of the Hv1 Proton Channel
Dr. Berger Thomas, CAESAR-Caesar - Center of Advanced European Studies & Research
The importance of context and motivation for solving cooperation problems
Dr. Bosworth Steven, Kiel Institute for the World Economy
The Destructive Role of Type-1 Interferon Signaling in Bacterial-Induced Alveolar Bone Loss
Dr. Wilensky Asaf, Hadassah Medical Center
Coresets for Visual 3D Mapping of Big data via Humans and Robots
Dr. Feldman Dan, University of Haifa
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