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About us

The German-Israeli Foundation for Scientific Research and Development (GIF) was established in 1986 by an agreement between the Ministers of Science of the Federal Republic of Germany and the State of Israel, as an additional instrument complementing the continuous fruitful ties in scientific and technological cooperation between the two countries.

Both parties recognize that mutual cooperation in scientific research will strengthen the bonds of friendship and understanding between the German and Israeli peoples and advance the state of scientific research and development to the benefit of both countries. The GIF is highly successful in achieving those goals.

The distinguishing feature of the GIF approach is the joint participation and equal responsibility of both Ministries in financing, management and decision making.

The GIF Board of Governors directing the Foundation consists of an equal number of German and Israeli members, each representing a different field of science and is headed by both Ministers of Science.

The GIF administration is headed by a General Director appointed by the GIF Board of Governors, who is responsible for smooth operating of the Foundation and for its staffing.

The Foundation has been established as a legal entity by the Israeli Knesset and the German Bundestag.

GIF's objective is to promote and fund basic and applied scientific research projects for peaceful purposes in both countries conducted jointly by teams of scientists. Its annual budget is derived from the interest on a EUR 211 million endowment fund contributed in equal parts by the two countries.

The Foundation has its main office in Jerusalem, Israel, and a liaison office located in Munich, Germany.

Throughout the years, the GIF has played a very important role in science collaboration between the two scientific communities. The cooperation had led to better understanding and friendship between the scientists. The GIF is very proud to include among the grantees in the course of the years almost of Israeli and many of the German Nobel Laureates

In recognition of the GIF's operation and the important role it plays in supporting excellent science between the two science communities, GIF’s capital was successfully enlarged by EUR 50 million by the two governments in 2005. Since then, the Board and the General Director have put many efforts to continue enlarging the Foundation's capital for the benefit of the scientific communities.

In the past two years, GIF distributed about EUR 12 million per year for grants in the two programs it offers.

For more information about the GIF, please contact us at Admin.png.​​​

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