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GIF Submission Cycles

GIF Submission Cycles

As per decision by the GIF Board of Governors at their annual meeting 2016, the GIF has changed the alternating submission cycles in both GIF Programs.

The GIF Regular Program will be open according to the following 3-year cycle:

  • Cycle IMedicine and Social Sciences
  • Cycle II: Life Sciences and Humanities        
  • ​Cycle III: Exact Sciences and Engineering/Technology

The GIF Young Scientists’ Program will be open according to the following 2-year cycle:

  • Cycle IExact Sciences, Engineering, and Social Sciences
  • Cycle II: Medicine, Life Sciences, and Humanities

Interdisciplinary proposals: 
In case of interdisciplinary proposals, the main criteria to define whether a proposal is suitable for a certain submission cycle is the main research question. You may choose the submission year you deem most appropriate; please note, however, that the final decision to accept a proposal for a certain submission cycle rests with the GIF Advisory Committees.
When in doubt whether your proposal fits a given cycle, please send an email with an abstract to Science.png
Important Dates
  • The GIF website will be open for submission of proposals from the first week of August each year, and will be closed during last week of October. The final dates for each submission cycle are published on the GIF homepage www.gif.org.il.
  • Decisions by the GIF Board are taken by the end of June of the year following the submission. All applicants are informed then.
  • Applicants whose proposal was not approved for funding will receive the reviewers’ comments in July of the year following the submission.
  • Starting date of new Grants: 1st January of the year following approval by the GIF Board.
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