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GIF Regular Program

img-gif-regular-program.jpgThe GIF Regular Program supports cooperative research projects conducted jointly by German and Israeli scientists. Each proposal should include at least one team from each country. The proposal should be designed for a duration of up to 3 years.
As per decision of the GIF Board of Governors in June 2016, the ceiling for requested budget has been removed and is replaced by an average budget of EUR 40,000 - EUR 80,000 per year (total for all PIs).
The budget will be approved according to the nature and scientific merit of the proposal.
Therefore, a well justified budget should be part of the research proposal.​
GIF differentiates between theoretical and experimental research proposals.
Further special attention is given to the novelty and originality of the proposal.
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Priority will be given to teams who collaborate for the first time. Continuations of ongoing Grants will not be excluded; however, they will have to prove an excellent, fruitful collaboration and outstanding scientific merit.
GIFGIThe budget The research shall concern science and technology for peaceful purposes only.
Detailed information is provided in the guidelines for applicants.
Applicants (PIs and CIs) must hold a doctoral degree (PhD or MD) or an equivalent degree and be recognized staff members in an eligible institution.
Please note the detailed information on the eligibility of institutions and investigators.
GIF projects must involve active collaboration between the teams. Their joint research program must be presented as a single coherent proposal in which the roles and tasks of all prospective groups are clearly defined. Cooperation may take the form of:
  • Interdependent projects conducted in different laboratories (which may involve different sources of additional funding).
  • Sharing of research facilities, materials, equipment and/or services.
  • Exchange of scientific knowledge and technological know-how.
  • Exchange of junior and senior research personnel.
  • Joint responsibility for scientific reporting and publications.
  • Joint planning of research and evaluation of results.
  • Mutual visits at the partners’ lab/institution are a mandatory part of the program.
Since active collaboration is a prerequisite for proposal, the applicants should complete all cooperative arrangements required prior to submission.
Both basic and applied research projects in all scientific fields will be considered equally with no predetermined quotas.
If more than one Principal Investigator (PI) per institution participate in the same proposal, GIF advises that one joint budget for all PIs from the same institution is submitted.
Additional investigators may be defined as CIs (Cooperating Investigators). CIs may be affiliated to one of the PIs' institutions or to different ones; they can contribute to the project as technical experts, advisors or consultants, heading a service lab etc. They have no administrative or financial responsibilities. Retired academic staff may be included in a project as CIs.
For more information on Principal investigators (PIs) and CIs (Cooperating Investigators), please see the guidelines for applicants in the GIF Regular Program.
Important.pngEach researcher can apply as PI in only one proposal at a time. S/He has, however, the option to be included as CI in other proposals.

Finding a collaborator from the other country:

The GIF also assist potential applicants in finding potential collaborator. If you need our help on that, please send us an email which should include a short abstract of the research you have in mind, what it is that you are looking for in your potential partner, and a short CV of yours. Please send this email to: Science.png The email should reach the GIF by March of the year prior to the appropriate submission cycle for your research.
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