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Budget Codes and Regulations for GIF Young Scientists' Program

For Applicants and Grantees
 Important.pngAll information on this page is part of the GIF Guidelines, which are binding for all applicants and grantees. 
                  For your convenience, you can download a full version of the GIF Guidelines in
                  format here.
                                         Budget Flexibility / Budget Shift Options
For budget flexibility / budget shift options during the grant period please see the guidelines for Financial Reports, section 2: Budget Changes.

Please note: The PI as well as permanent employees of any kind MAY NOT RECEIVE any part of their salary (or any kind of other payment) from the GIF Grant.
Scientists employed by their institutions on a part time basis may receive a salary from the GIF commensurate with the time they devote to the project, provided that such payment together with the institution part time pay does not exceed 100% of the institutional salary.
Research assistants may be fully supported by the GIF Grant during the period they are actually engaged in the research. A research assistant must be a student enrolled at the university of the PI and work within the university framework.
Payments will be based on the local regulations of each country.
Senior Academic Staff*
Junior Academic Staff / Research Fellows*
According to GIF Board decision, no full fellowships/scholarships (Stipendien) may be awarded from GIF grants. However, if institutional academic regulation permits sponsoring of fellowships, the GIF may support a fellowship for tasks within the research plan only, as specified in the budget justification of the grant proposal.
Technical and Auxiliary Staff*
Technicians' salaries should be paid in proportion to the time devoted to the project.
Help on Hourly Basis*
Hourly payments should only be made when no regular staff is available. The total budget for Help on Hourly Basis may not exceed EUR 4,000.
GIF requests that preference will be given to equipment manufactured in Germany or in Israel.
Materials and equipment must be specifically related to the work conducted in the GIF Grant.​​
The maximum total budget for this item is EUR 5,000.
21 (a)
Non-expendable Equipment
  • The budget is restricted to purchase non-expendable equipment as specified in the original application and approved by the Foundation​.​
  • Equipment must be purchased and received ONLY within the first 3 months of the Grant period. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the full amount of the equipment budget is included in the first payment. Unused funds in this budget item cannot be shifted to other budget items and will be returned to GIF​.
  • The purchase of computers is limited to 1 for each group. The maximum amount approved per computer is EUR 1,200.
  • Photocopies of the invoices and receipts of non-expendable equipment purchased from Grant funds MUST be attached to the financial report.​
  • GIF does not fund basic office supplies and facilities (e.g. printers, Office software suite, ADSL/DSL/internet connection etc.).
  • All non-expendable equipment purchased with Grant funds shall be the property of GIF. At the termination of the Grant agreement, GIF donates the equipment to the institution where the research was conducted.​ 
Maintenance & Insurance for Non-Expendable Equipment
33 (a)
Purchase of Lab Animals
External Subcontracting
For all services under this budget code, receipts should be included in the financial report.

Disposable Materials, Disposable Equipment, Lab Services 

  • For each item of disposable equipment purchased above EUR 1,000 (per single article), an explanation is to be included in the financial report.
  • GIF does not fund basic disposable office supplies and facilities (toner etc.)​
33 (b)
Animal Maintenance
Optical/Electronic Supplies
Machine Shops/Repair Facilities
Foreign Travel
  • ​​Travel to the partner country is a mandatory part of the GIF Young Scientists' grant. The minimum duration of the visit is 7 full working days, not including weekend.
    Travel days can be counted provided that arrival is no later than 12.00 p.m., and departure no earlier than 7 p.m.
    The mandatory number of days can also be split to more than one visit to the partner country.​​
  • It is the policy of the Foundation to fund travel between Germany and Israel only.
  • Foreign Travel budget is limited to EUR 5,000 total. If the travel budget exceeds this amount, GIF approval needs to be obtained in advance. 
  • The foreign travel allocation is intended for the PI ONLY. 
  • Expenditures related to accompanying family cannot be covered from the GIF Grant.
  • Please note that expenditures for participating in project-related symposia / workshops etc. (in Israel and Germany only!) are to be submitted under budget code 71 (Project-related symposia).

Duration of the visit:

  • The maximum duration per visit is 21 days, even if included otherwise in the Grant proposal. 
  • Extended visits of more than 21 days must be requested and approved by GIF in advance. The request must be submitted on the relevant GIF form, which is available for download here. 

Permitted expenses:

  • The Foundation will only fund economy class tickets.
  • All travel should be done by public transportation.

    Rental cars are not permitted, with exception of special permissions as stipulated under budget code 63 (Rental Vehicle).

  • The maximum rate for accommodation is in accordance with IRS regulations and the Federal Law on Travel Expenses (BRKG) [max. EUR 175.- per night]. If it is impossible to find accommodation at this price, GIF approval for using a more expensive hotel should be obtained in advanceAccommodation is reimbursed with receipts only. 
  • For visits longer than 21 days, the maximum reimbursement for accommodation per month is EUR 1,500.
  • Photocopies of E-tickets/flight tickets AND boarding cards AND travel agents’ receipts, as well as hotel bills must be included in the annual financial report. “Other Expenses” (trains, insurance, etc.) must be detailed on page 2 of the financial report as well. 

Per diem:

  • The maximum per diem will be according to IRS regulations or the Federal Law on Travel Expenses (BRKG). In either case, per diem will be no more than EUR 50.- per day, even if no hotel bills are included.
  • Per diem for the return day can be charged to your GIF Grant only if your flight back to your country departs after 14:00. The calculation will be done in accordance with IRS regulations for Israeli travelers or the Federal Law on Travel Expenses (BRKG) for German travelers. 
  • For visits longer than 21 days, the maximum per diem is EUR 1,050 per month.

Combined trip:

If applicants wish to combine a visit in Germany or Israel within the framework of their GIF project with travel to other destinations, the cost of the flight ticket may be partly charged to the GIF budget, according to the following formula: 

Price of Flight Ticket X No. of days spent in Israel/Germany for work on the GIF Grant 
Total no. of days spent abroad 

Please note that this amount may not exceed the price of a regular flight between Israel and Germany.​

Domestic Travel
Please note: Travel should be done by public transportation.
Rental Vehicle 
Car rental is not permitted unless it is directly connected to the tasks carried out within the Grant e.g., field trips needed for the research. Please note that the approval is not given automatically. Any car rental request should include justifications and mention the importance of this expense to the research tasks. The request should be received by our office at least 60 days before the travel date.​
51 (a)
Professional Literature
Effective from 01/01/2017: ​Purchase of professional literature is limited to maximum EUR 500.
52 (b)
Photocopies, Publications & Reports
Symposia / Workshops
  • Grantees in the GIF Young Scientists’ Program may participate in scientific workshops or symposia
  • Participation in workshops/symposia is restricted to events in Germany and Israel only
  • Organizing a workshop of your own cannot be covered from the GIF Grant budget.
Please note:
  • A program of the workshop showing its relevance to the GIF grant must be provided to GIF for approval at least 1 month in advance.
  • The detailed regulations for reporting travel expenses listed in the section on budget code 61 "Foreign Travel" also apply when reporting travel expenses related to symposia/workshops.

​GIF does not reimburse:

  • Membership fees for any kind of professional association.
  • Registration fees for meetings / symposia.
Expenditures outside the categories listed above, e.g.:
- Reimbursement for study participants
- Bank charges
- ...​
For expenditures under this budget item exceeding EUR 100 per item, an explanation must be included in the financial report.
* Legal note:
Persons employed in connection with the research project, as well as subcontractors are considered sole employees of the PIs, and no working relationship exists between them and the Foundation. In addition, no salaries can be paid from the GIF Grant to permanent staff members of the institution.
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