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Changes in Status of PIs

Important.pngAll information on this page is part of the GIF Guidelines, which are binding for all applicants and grantees.
For your convenience, you can download a full version of the GIF Guidelines in
                  PDF format here.
Any changes made in the participation of a Principal Investigator require written approval of GIF.

1. Change of Institutional Affiliation of a PI

If in the course of the GIF Grant if a PI changes his/her institutional affiliation, s/he must follow the procedure below:
1. Notify GIF as soon as possible about the affiliation change. Please note that changes are possible only to a GIF eligible institution in the same country.
2. The Grantee must submit to the GIF within 30 days after leaving the institution a financial report signed by the financial department of the institution s/he has left. Any surplus remained must be transmitted to the GIF within 60 days.
3. Continuation of the research is conditional on the agreement of the new (receiving) institution to observe the work and budget plan of the research. For this purpose the new institution is requested to countersign a copy of the research contract. This must be done within 90 days from the change of affiliation; otherwise GIF will terminate the entire research project.
4. The PI must inform GIF of the bank details of the new institution on the appropriate form, which can be downloaded here.
5. If part of the research continues at the PI’s previous institution, it will be up to him/her to make the necessary arrangements, e.g. for payments due to employees remaining behind. GIF will only transfer payments to the new institution.
6. The Grantee undertakes to ensure that any non-expendable (heavy) equipment and/or instruments acquired with the support of GIF funds accompany him/her to the new (receiving) institution.

2. Sabbatical Leave

A sabbatical leave during the Grant period of the GIF Young Scientists’ project is not possible.
If you plan a sabbatical leave, GIF may consider postponing the starting date of the Grant by one year.
If you are planning a sabbatical leave during the GIF Grant period, please inform us by sending and email to: Science.png.
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