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Important.pngAll information on this page is part of the GIF Guidelines, which are binding for all applicants and grantees.
For your convenience, you can download a full version of the GIF Guidelines in
                  PDF format here.

Payment Sequence, Time line, Dates and Conditions 

Payments in accordance with the timeline are made only if all the conditions specified under Conditions column are fulfilled. 

Payment Table.PNGGIF issues payments to Grantees quarterly.
All conditions must be fulfilled by the following
deadlines before payment date in order to receive
the payment as scheduled.

All required forms (see Conditions) are available for download here​.

Payment No.
Payment Calculation
Payment 1
Month before the starting date (December)
50% of budget
IF budget includes Non-Expendable Equipment: Full equipment budget + 50% of remaining 1st research year  budget
Receipt and approval of all Grant documents including the signed Research Grant Agreement
Payment 2
After 6 months from starting date (July)
25% of budget
IF budget includes Non-Expendable Equipment: 25% of 1st research year  budget excluding equipment
(see payment 1)
1.   Payment receipt​ for payment 1
Payment 3
(Final Payment)
After 15 months from starting date (April) OR 3 months after end of the No Cost Extension.
25% of budget
IF budget includes Non-Expendable Equipment: 25% of 1st research year  budget excluding equipment
(see payment 1)
The payment will be calculated to balance the actual expenditures approved after the final financial report. The total budget cannot be exceeded.
1.   Payment receipt​ for payment 2
4.   Minimum 7 full day visit to the partner country
·     The payment will be transferred only if the total amount of previous payments is less than the total approved expenses.
·     In case the previously transferred amount is higher than the approved expenses, GIF will request reimbursement of the surplus funds.
Grantees have the option to request the 7th (final) payment prior to the scheduled date by submitting the “Request for Advance Final Payment” form (available for download here). From a last payment sent in advance, the amount of EUR 1,000 will be retained until all conditions for Payment 7 are fulfilled.
The payments will be made to the PI's institution (or in certain cases to the PI).
Important.pngAny funds used for tasks not included in the appropriate plan will be reimbursed to GIF upon demand. The Grantee must return to GIF any funds
which were not used
during the research period.
Parallel Funding: Should the Grantee fail to mention in their his/her Grant proposal funds s/he has received or is receiving from other sources for the research project
described in the GIF Grant agreement, GIF may stop payment of this Grant, and demand the reimbursement of money already paid out. If the Grantee receives during
the above-mentioned project period support for the research from other sources, this must be reported to and approved by GIF in writing and in advance. 
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