Applicants Guidelines
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Applicants Guidelines
Submission Cycles 
The GIF Board of Governors, at its meeting on June 21st, 2011, has decided on the following alternating submission cycles:
One year GIF will be open to applications in the Life Sciences, Medicine and the Social Sciences, and in the next year accept applications in the Exact Sciences, Engineering and the Humanities.
This year, the regular program is open for submission in the following areas-
Exact Sciences 
Physics, chemistry, Material Sciences, Technology (Engineering), Mathematics, Computer sciences, Geo-Earth and Environmental sciences.
History, Archaeology, Literature, Philosophy and related fields.
The Young Scientists Program is open for submissions in all academic fields.

Every applicant can submit only one proposal at a time.

GIF will not consider and/or fund simultaneously more than one proposal per applicant and/or grantee.

Applicants who submit a proposal in one of the alternating subjects may not submit a proposal in the following year. Only one application or resubmission every two years is permitted.

Teams of researchers may only submit twice in succession, regardless of whether their request was granted or not.

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