Grantees Guidelines
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The following regulations and all regulations regarding financial and scientific requirements are an integral part of the Research Grant Agreement concluded between the GIF and the applicant whose research proposal has been approved by the Foundation. All the aforementioned conditions are binding upon the signatories, with the exception of any clause specifically cancelled or changed in the Letter of Agreement itself. Grantees should read all relevant sections carefully before signing the Agreement.
  1. Grant notification
    • Decisions regarding awards are made by the Board of Governors at its regular annual meetings.
    • Letters of notification regarding the grants awarded will be sent by the Director to the Principal Investigators (P.I.s), with copies to the institutions. The Director will specify any changes to be made in the proposed research project or its budget in the letter of notification.
  2. Research grant agreements
    • The P.I.s, as well as their affiliated institutions, must sign a Research Grant Agreement by which they and/or their institutions assume primary responsibility for the general supervision of the research project in accordance with: the research proposal and its budget; any changes stipulated in GIF's letter of approval, and these regulations.
    • Grant payments will commence only after the original Research Grant Agreement, signed by the appropriate parties, has been returned to GIF.
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