GIF Regular Program - Financial Administration And Reports
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GIF Regular Program - Financial Administration And Reports
  1. Payments
    The payments will be made to the P.I.'s institution (or in certain cases to the P.I.).
    The schedule of payments, based on the percentages listed in the table below, is as follows 

    • The first (advance) payment of the first year of the grant will be made after return of the original Research Grant Agreement to the GIF signed by all parties as required, 14 days before the start of the grant period.
    • The second payment for the first grant year will be made six months later upon written request
      The last payment of each grant year will be made only upon submission of the annual financial report (section 2.2) and the scientific progress report, which confirms that the research is being conducted according to the approved work-plan. The first payment of the following year is also made at this time.
    • The final payment will be made only after receipt and acceptance of the final scientific and financial reports. An exception to this rule is possible upon written request from the grantee. concerned, and a written commitment by his administration that possible surplus funds will be returned upon request. The final financial report should be a complete and comprehensive summary of all monetary operations conducted within the framework of the research project. Financial reports should be submitted by both P.I.s, each stating his own expenses, and must follow the form provided in paragraph 2.1 of this section.
    • Sequence of payments in a typical three-year project 
    First year
    Second year
    Third year
    First Payment
    Second Payment
    Third Payment
      • After receipt of the special request form signed by the P.I. and/or institution.
      • After receipt of the annual financial and scientific reports.
    If the first year's budget contains an allocation for non-expendable equipment to start up the project, the first payment includes the full amount required for the purchase of this equipment.
    If payments due are less than EURO 1500, the Foundation reserves the right to transfer two of them together.

  2. Financial Reports
    • Annual and Final Reports
      The P.I.s (or their institutions) are responsible for preparing annual and final financial reports. The continuation of grant payments is subject to the proper preparation and submission of the required financial reports.
      An annual financial report must be submitted at the end of every calendar year, even when the project was not active during the whole twelve-months period.
      Financial Reports should reach GIF no later than three months after the reporting period.
      Financial reports should be prepared on special financial declaration forms supplied by GIF
      Page 1 of the form, which shows the approved budget items of the grant for the report year, can be obtained from the GIF offices. Page 2, which is identical for all grants and all report years, can be downloaded from the website.
      All financial reports must bear the signature of the PIs and stamp and signature of the institutional administration.
      Expenditures are reported according to the GIF budget codes in the table below.
      The budget items relevant and chargeable to your GIF grant are specified in the approved grant budget.
      For changes in the approved grant budget, please see section 2.2.
      Senior Academic Staff*
      Junior Academic Staff / Research Fellows*
      Technical and Auxiliary Staff*
      Help on Hourly Basis*
      Non-Expendable Equipment (> EURO 3000 per item)
      Please note
      The budget is restricted to use of non-expendable equipment as specified in the original application and approved in the funding decision.
      Computers always count as non-expendable equipment, even if the price is less than EUR 3,000.
      The equipment must be purchased in the first year of the grant period. Photocopies of the invoices of non-expendable equipment purchased from grant funds must be attached to the report.
      For changes in use of the budget for non-expendable equipment, prior approval must be obtained from GIF.
      All non-expendable equipment purchased with grant funds shall be the property of GIF At the termination of the Agreement, GIF donates the equipment to the institution where the research was conducted.
      Maintenance and Insurance of non-expendable equipment
      Disposable Materials; optical and electronic devices; spare parts; lab animals
      Computer Time
      Subcontracting and Consultation Fees*
      Books, Reports, Photocopies, Publications
      Foreign Travel
      Please note
      Foreign travels charged to the GIF grant budget are restricted to travels between Germany and Israel only, unless specified otherwise in the original proposal and approved by the funding decision. For exceptions, approval must be obtained from GIF prior to the travel
      Photocopies of flight tickets and hotel bills of foreign travel must be included in the report. If the price does not appear on the ticket, the invoice from the travel agency must be attached, or GIF will not be obliged to reimburse. Grantees should also attach a copy of the internal form on which they report the visit to their university administration.
      The maximum rate for accommodation (with receipts) should be EURO 175.- per night. If it is impossible to find accommodation at this price, GIF approval for using a more expensive hotel should be obtained in advance.
      In cases where no hotel bill is included, the daily allowance for accommodation and meals is limited to EURO 100.- per day.
      If applicants wish to combine a visit in Germany or Israel in the framework of their GIF project with travel to other destinations, they may charge the price of a regular flight between Israel and Germany to their grant budget.
      Domestic Travel
      Project-Related Symposia
      Please note
      Expenditures for symposia charged to the GIF grant budget are restricted to events in Germany and Israel only, unless specified otherwise in the original proposal and approved by the funding decision. For  exceptions, approval must be obtained from GIF prior to the event.
      A program of the symposium indicating its relevance to the GIF grant and, possibly, presentation of grant work in the symposium, should be attached to the report.

    * Legal note
    Persons employed in connection with the research project, as well as subcontractors, are considered sole employees of the PIs, and no relationship exists between them and the Foundation.

    The total for each relevant budget code in the report year must be stated on page 1 of the report.

    Expenditures for Salaries (budget codes 01, 03, 11, 19); Non-Expendable Equipment (budget code 21; Subcontracting and Consultation Fees (budget code 43); and Foreign Travel (budget code 61) need to be specified in detail on page 2 (Breakdown of Expenses) of the report.

    Reports can be sent by mail to: The German-Israeli Foundation for Scientific Research and Development (GIF), P.O.Box 7008, Jerusalem 91070, Israel,

    OR scanned and emailed to

    After receipt of the Final Financial Report, GIF will send the Grantee a Final Statement of Payments and Expenditures.

    Unexpended balances remaining after completion of the research project must be returned to GIF

    • Budget Changes
      • Within their approved budgets, grantees are allowed to shift funds between budget items up to 50%.
      • For greater flexibility, or transfer to a new budget item not included in the originally approved budget, grantees should approach the GIF main office in writing. 
      • Unspent balances remaining at the end of each grant year are automatically transferred to the following year and allocated to the same budget items. The only exception to this rule is the budget for non-expendable specific equipment, which will only be transferred upon special (and well-justified) request.
    • Delays in Reporting
      If one partner to the contract fails to submit his annual report at the end of a project year, the Foundation will suspend payment of his share, while the others will continue to receive their part. However, they will be warned that by the end of the following year reports must be submitted by all of them, otherwise funding of the project will be stopped
  3. Extension of Grants

    • No Cost Extension
      GIF may approve the extension of a project by up to one year, on the condition that no further funds are needed in addition to the originally approved budget. The extension must be requested jointly by both P.I.s and submitted prior to the expiry of the approved funding period. The total duration of any research project may not exceed four years. Any surplus funds still remaining after this period must be returned to GIF.
    • Grant Renewal
      Grantees may submit an application for a continuation grant, but they can do so only once for an additional period of up to 3 years. Please keep in mind that continuation grants can only begin after the recipients have fulfilled all obligations concerning their first project (final financial and scientific reports, etc.).       

  4. Records and Inspection
    The Grantee must keep complete records of expenditures relating to the research project in a separate bookkeeping account. These records must be preserved for five years after completion of the research project. GIF reserves the right to: examine all books, original documents, records and accounts relating to the research project while it is in progress and for five years after its completion; make inspections at all locations where the research is being conducted, and receive full information regarding these activities from the investigators
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