GIF Regular Program- Scientific Administration And Reports
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Scientific administration and reports (GIF Regular Program)
  1. Work Plan
    GIF's grantees are free to pursue interesting and important new leads which may arise in the course of the research. If it appears that the original research will no longer be productive, or that another direction of research would be more promising, the investigators should inform GIF immediately, describing and explaining the necessity of any changes envisaged, together with a revised project time schedule. GIF approval must be obtained before proceeding, unless the intended changes are of a minor nature.
  2. Scientific Reports
    • Annual scientific progress reports
      A progress report (1 copy) must be prepared jointly and signed by all P.I.s at the end of each research year. These reports should be submitted no later than three months after the reporting period. The progress reports will be sent to the scientific advisors for evaluation. The report should include
      • A cover page signed by all partners.
      • A copy of the updated approved time schedule.
      • A short abstract.
      • Description of the progress made on the items in the time schedule. Each item should be addressed separately in about 20 lines and include citation of publications.
      • List of visits, including names and dates.
    • Final Scientific Report
      The final scientific report (2 copies) should reach the GIF office in Jerusalem no later than three months after the termination date of the project.
      It should include the following headings
      • A cover page with name and number of the project and the project period, signed by all P.I.s.
      • An abstract (1-2 pages).
      • A detailed description of the research activities and results. This can be covered either by reprints or by the data itself.
      • Evaluation of the research achievements in relation to the original research proposal and its objectives. This should contain conclusions from the work and briefly explain why certain goals were not met.
      • Description of the cooperation and its role in advancing the project. (About 1 page).
      • A list of publications and a list of visits (including names, dates and purposes).
        The description of activities and results and evaluation of achievements sections should coverall three research years.This report should be bound and submitted in 2 copies.
        One reprint of each joint scientific paper based on the project should be sent together with the Final Report (if not included in the report itself).
        Together with the final scientific report, the grantees are required to submit a short evaluation summary. This survey will be considered an integral part of the final report, and until it is submitted and approved by GIF, the project will not be concluded and the final payment will be withheld.
        Upon acceptance of the Final Report and the above Summary, the project will be considered officially terminated. A letter of notification will be sent by the GIF to all participating investigators and institutions. 
  3. Obligations of the P.I.s
    Any changes made in the participation of a Principal Investigator require written approval of GIF.
    • Change of institutional affiliation of the P.I.
      If in the course of his GIF sponsored research a P.I. changes his/her institutional affiliation
      1. The Grantee must submit to the GIF a financial report signed by the financial department of the institution he is about to leave. Any surplus must be transmitted to the GIF within 60 days.
      2. Continuation of the research is conditional on the agreement of the new (receiving) institution to observe the work and budget plan of the research. For this purpose the new institution is requested to countersign a copy of the research contract.
      3. If part of the research continues at the P.I.s previous institution, it will be up to him/her to make the necessary arrangements, e.g. for payments due to employees remaining behind. GIF will only transfer payments to the new institution.
      4. The Grantee undertakes to ensure that any non-expendable (heavy) equipment and/or instruments acquired with the support of GIF funds accompany him to the new (receiving) institution.
    • Temporary Absence of Investigators
      If the P.I. wishes to take a leave of absence of up to six months, a temporary replacement should be recommended for GIF's approval. Leave should commence only after GIF's approval has been received.
      If a P.I. requests leave of absence for a sabbatical year, the Director may approve the request, provided the P.I. nominates another P.I. for the period of absence. If this investigator does not appear in the original proposal, a C.V., a list of publications and a letter of agreement from the partner in the other country must be provided to GIF, whose scientific advisor will make the final decision. A sabbatical leave of more than one year is not permitted.
      In such cases it is considered recommended that the new P.I. visit the counterpart within three months of his appointment, in order to strengthen this partnership. For the purpose of funding additional traveling costs, the travel budget may be exceeded by more than 30%.
      During sabbatical leave a Principal Investigator will not be allowed to cover any of his expenses outside Israel or Germany from the grant budget, other than communications with his counterpart or with the P.I. replacing him. This will enable him to follow the progress of the research and to be of assistance when needed.
      Even after return of the P.I., the P.I. who replaced him retains all rights and obligations of a P.I. and is expected to remain involved in the project until its conclusion.
      P.I.s who prefer to "freeze" their research for the duration of their sabbatical leave should be aware that this precludes a no-cost extension; no project may be extended above four years.
      A Principal Investigator going on sabbatical leave (or taking an extended leave without pay from his institution), who will remain in his home country and would like to continue working on his GIF project during this period, will follow the procedure outlined below:
      1. The Investigator will inform his partner and GIF that he intends to take a leave, mentioning the exact period of time, where he is going to spend it, and that he intends to continue working on the project during this leave. He must include a written confirmation from his institution that they will put all the necessary means at his disposal.
      2. If no conflict of interest arises between the investigator's place of employment during his sabbatical and GIF's eligibility policy, the Foundation will give its written approval, confirming that all conditions of the research contract remain valid.
      The P.I.s are encouraged to spend sabbatical leave at their partners' institutions, with a view to furthering the joint project.
      Scientists visiting their partners' institutions are requested to inform the GIF of their plans in advance. The Foundation will be happy to help arrange a guest lecture aimed at making the results of their research available to the wider public. Each grantee should take this opportunity at least once, preferably towards the conclusion of the project. An abstract of this presentation should be included in the next scientific report.
    • Withdrawal from a project
      When a P.I. withdraws from a project, the affiliated institution should recommend a replacement and submit a curriculum vitae as well as a list of relevant publications for approval by the GIF's scientific advisor. Pending such approval the project and its funding will be temporarily suspended.
    • Additional Investigator
      To add an investigator to an ongoing project, the P.I.s should submit an official request to GIF, together with the candidate's curriculum vitae and list of relevant publications, signed by the investigator and the authorizing official of his institution. The request should be accompanied by a letter of agreement from the counterpart and an explanation as to how any expenses involved will be covered within the grant budget and/or by other funding.
    • Case of Death
      In case of death of a researcher who was the sole Principal Investigator on one side, the project should be terminated. If, however, his institution or his/her partner in the other country can suggest a suitable replacement, GIF will submit his credentials to the scientific advisor in the area for approval. If the advisor's answer is positive, and his partner has given his approval as well, GIF will send an official letter of appointment to the new investigator.
    During the time it takes to find a suitable replacement and obtain approval for his appointment, the academic head of the department of the deceased should take responsibility for supervising the project. He will be entitled to engage a salaried employee, who will be paid out of grant funds, to do the most urgent work of the deceased until his successor takes over. This arrangement will be limited to three months.
  4. Publications and Acknowledgements
    In any publication (or book) based on research supported, even partially, by the GIF, investigators should acknowledge the support with the following statement: ”This research was supported by a Grant from the GIF, the German-Israeli Foundation for Scientific Research and Development.''
    Three reprints of each joint publication should be provided to the GIF as soon as they become available.
    If the research results are published in a book, the grantees are requested to provide the Foundation with one copy free of charge. GIF shall be entitled to purchase additional copies and distribute them at its discretion.
    Please note: The GIF reserves the right to publish on its website the scientific reports derived from GIF Grants, or to ask the grantees to send the articles accepted by scientific journals and posting it on the GIF's site
  5. Parallel Funding
    GIF grantees are required, by their contract with GIF, to report to GIF any applications to other funding sources concerning similar projects to the one already supported by GIF If such an application results in a grant, the researcher(s) [GIF grantees] will be obliged to report to the GIF if he/they accept it, with the understanding that the GIF grant will be terminated, effective from the commencement date of the new grant from the other funding source.
  6. Parallel Funding Industrial Consultantship
    P.I.s acting as consultants, shareholders or chief scientists of profit-making organizations must supply full information on these activities to GIF, who will inform the other P.I.s concerned. They must also commit themselves not to transfer know-how generated in the GIF project while engaged in such an activity, unless specifically approved by GIF in writing. If they take upon themselves additional engagements during the grant period, both the Foundation and all partners involved in the grant must be notified. To ensure this, P.I.s acting in one of these capacities are required to submit a signed statement with all the required information at the time the research grant is signed, and an updated statement at the end of each research year, together with the annual financial report
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