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Getting Started - Online Submission

Proposals to the GIF are submitted ONLY electronically via a secured website.
In order to open your GIF proposal, you first need to register o​n the GIF submission website and create a new proposal.

System requirements for the GIF proposal website:
For PC users:                                                            For MAC users:
Operating system: WIN 7, WIN 8.1 WIN Vista          Operating system: MAC OS X
Browser: IE 7+, Firefox, Chrome (recommended)  Browser: 3+
Actions: Add the site to the Trusted Sites list            Resolution: 1024*768
              and allow pop-ups for this site

If you are facing login problems to the GIF site, please click here for instructions on how to solve the problem.
 Important.pngApplicants in proposals with more than 1 PI should first agree upon the
 Application Leader.
The role of the “Application Leader” is relevant only for coordination purposes during the submission.

Please note: the Application Leader must be one of the PIs.
Assistants taking care of filling in the proposal on behalf of the Application Leader must sign up under the name of the Application Leader rather than their own name, because the signed up Application Leader is automatically registered as PI and cannot be changed later in the proposal.

The Application Leader
  • will perform the initial login to the submission system.
  • adds his fellow PI(s) to the proposal. PIs will then receive their own username and password and can edit their personal parts of the proposal.
  • fills in all the general information on behalf of the team (Abstract, Full project description, Bibliography). Please note that all proposal parts are open for viewing to all PIs. However, ONLY the Application Leader has open access for editing the full proposal while the other PI(s) can edit only their own personal pages. It is advised that each PI will be responsible for his own pages.
  • is responsible for submitting the proposal to the GIF at the end of the submission process, after editing of the proposal has been completed.

Research Authority Approval

Applicants need to obtain an approval from their Research Authority in order to submit the proposal to the GIF. You will not be able to submit the proposal to the GIF without Research Authority approval.
The electronic submission system is designed to send an automatic request to the relevant Research Authority for each PI). If you are not approved by your Research Authority within a reasonable time, we advise you to contact your Research Authority directly. The best way to check it is by clicking on the "monitor my progress" in your electronic submission.
For German PIs: For this purpose, services of Research Authority are given by GIF Liaison Office, when needed please contact: Steph.png

For Israeli PIs: Please contact the Research Authority of your institution. For your convenience a list of the relevant contacts can be found here. Please note that the list of contacts may not be fully complete.
The approval (by the Research Authority or the GIF Liaison Office) must be given before completing the electronic submission of the proposal to GIF.
The approval can be obtained at any time after opening the proposal.
You can continue to fill in the proposal while approval by the Research Authority (or the GIF Liaison Office) is pending; however, as it is a mandatory request, you will not be able to submit the proposal to the GIF without their approval.

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