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Guidelines NEW GIF Young Scientists' Program

The new GIF Young Scientists’ Program supports young researchers with or without a research partner in the other country, for a one-year project, with a budget of between EUR 25–75k, depending on the number of principal investigators (PIs). 

The program will operate using the existing rules and procedures, including the evaluation process, for the Young Scientists’ Program, with the following exceptions:

  • ”Young” PIs are defined as up to 10 years since obtaining their doctoral degree at the date of proposal submission – (instead of 8 years at the start of the grant)
    See more details on "Eligibility" below.

  • Proposals may be submitted
    a) by one individual PI without a research partner in the other country OR
    b) by binational teams of researchers with at least one PI from each country, including at least one young PI.
    See more details on "Eligibility" below.

  • The maximum budget depends on the number of PIs in the proposal:
    a) The budget for projects with only 1 PI is capped at EUR 25K.
    b) The budget collaborative projects (i.e. with at least 1 PI in each country) is capped at EUR 75K.
    See more details on "Budget" below.​

  • Given ongoing travel restrictions due to Covid-19, travel between the partner countries will be encouraged where possible, but not mandatory.​


  • The principal investigators (PIs) should be affiliated to GIF-eligible institutions​
    If you are unsure about your institution, please contact us at submission@gif.org.il.

  •  In a proposal with one PI, the PI must be no more than 10 years since obtaining the doctoral degree at the date of proposal submission (see Call for Proposals).

  • In collaborative proposals with more than one PI, at least one of the PIs must fulfil the requirement of no more than 10 years since obtaining the doctoral degree.

  • While there is no fixed limit on the number of researchers per proposal, we prefer teams that can work well together efficiently. 


  • The number of PIs in the proposal will determine the budget for each project. 
  • The budget projects with only 1 PI is capped at EUR 25k.
  • The budget for collaborative projects (i.e. with at least 1 PI in each country) will be capped at EUR 75k. 
  • Budget should be allocated according to the GIF budget codes​.
  • A clear budget justification is mandatory. 

Online Submission

  • All proposals are submitted electronically on the GIF sub​mission website​​.
  • For an overview of required information and documents for submission, please refer to the guidelines for the GIF Young Scientists' Program​.
    The detailed project description for proposals with one PI should be up to 5 pages, for proposals with more than 1 PI up to 7 pages. Please follow the outline for the detailed project description noted in the instructions on the website.​​​
  • Detailed instructions for filling in your proposal are included in the online application form.
  • Please note the submission timeline for the current call for proposals​.

Review Process

  • GIF will assemble scientific advisory committees to oversee the review process. As usual, the scientific advisors will be experts in the relevant fields of science from Germany and Israel.
  • The evaluation process will seek at least two independent evaluations for each proposal, by reviewers suggested by the scientific advisors.
  • Subject to scientific merit, submissions by young scientists are given preference, with special emphasis on collaborative projects with young PIs only.​
  • The final ranking and recommendation of the proposals for funding will be performed by the scientific advisory committees.
  • The decision for funding rests with the Board of Governors.

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