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Application Guidelines – GIF Regular Program

Important.pngAll information on this page is part of the GIF Guidelines, which are binding for all applicants and grantees.
For your convenience, you can download a full version of the GIF Guidelines in
                  PDF format here.
Before registering for your GIF proposal​, please take a minute to check the eligibility of your institution and your eligibility as an investigator.
There is no limit to the number of PIs in a GIF proposal.
If there is more than one Principal Investigator (PI) from the same institution in the proposal, GIF advises that one joint budget for all PIs from the same institution is submitted under the name of one of the PIs.
For details on budget planning, please see the section on Budget below.

Required Information and Documents for Submission

The information and documents listed below are required for completing your GIF proposal.
  • Personal Details
  • CV
  • List of publications of the past 5 years relevant to the proposal.
  • Project Abstract
  • Project Detailed Description:
    Background and preliminary results, objectives and merits of the proposed research, detailed description of the joint research (including methods and plan of operation), qualifications of the investigators and the facilities at their disposal, mode of cooperation.
    Please note: If a proof of concept is needed for the joint research, it should be explicitly mentioned in the detailed description. In case the project is approved for funding, positive proof of concept is prerequisite to the continuation of the Grant after the first 18 months. 
  • Bibliography
  • Budget (see point 2)
  • Project Time schedule
  • Letters of Cooperation by the Principal Investigators (PIs)
  • Bioethical Certificates of Approval where necessary


As per decision of the GIF Board of Governors in June 2016, the ceiling for requested budget has been removed and is replaced by an average budget of EUR 40,000 - EUR 80,000 per year (total for all PIs).
The proposal should be designed for a duration of up to 3 years.
The budget will be approved according to the nature and scientific merit of the proposal. 
GIF differentiates between Theoretical and Experimental research proposals
Further special attention is given to the novelty and originality of the proposal. 
Use of the GIF Grant budget is limited to the items as specified in the information on Budget Codes for the GIF Regular Program.
Please note the GIF’s following general regulations:
1. General:
GIF does not cover administrative overhead.
2. Salaries:
Principal Investigators (PIs) and Cooperating Investigators (CIs) may not receive any salary from the Grant budget.
For researchers employed on the project, no full fellowships/scholarships may be awarded, only fellowship for specific tasks directly related to the research plan.
The total work time of researchers employed part-time on a GIF Grant as well as by their institution may not exceed 100%.
Salary payments will be based on the local regulations of each country.
3. Foreign Travel in GIF Grants is restricted to travel between Germany and Israel.
4.   Expenditures for workshops or symposia organized by the PIs / participation in other conferences can be included only if:
The event takes place in Israel or Germany and only for participants from Israel/ Germany.
The subject is directly related to the GIF-supported project.
The researcher(s) give(s) a presentation.
The program of the meeting showing its relevance to the GIF Grant, anticipated cost, and presentation of the Grant work by the PIs at the meeting is provided to GIF in advance.
5.   Equipment:
Purchase of equipment (over EUR 3,000 per item) is limited to the first 18 months in the GIF Regular Program.
Purchase of computers/laptops is limited to 1 per group at a maximum price of EUR 1,200 each.
6.   Professional Literature:
Purchase of professional literature is limited to EUR 500 per year per PI.


Resubmission of a proposal

Researchers whose proposal was not accepted for funding have the option to submit an amended and updated proposal in the next appropriate submission cycle.

If you decide to resubmit your proposal to the GIF, the proposal number of the previous submission is to be included in the new proposal.

Please note that each proposal in the GIF Regular Program can be resubmitted only once.​


Submission for a Continuation of an Ongoing Grant

If the team choses to submit a continuation proposal, they should notify GIF during the ongoing grant, and also indicate in the proposal that the proposal is a continuation of an ongoing grant. For proposals submitted for continuation of an ongoing Grant, the scientific advisor and the GIF Scientific Board members will receive, in addition to the reviewers' evaluation, the latest joint scientific report of the current active Grant.
This scientific report should be received by GIF to Science.pngno later than 30th January the year after the continuation proposal was submitted. Otherwise, the continuation proposal may not be considered and may be postponed to the next relevant submission cycle.

Institutional Administrative Endorsement

After completing the online submission of your proposal (for deadline of the online submission, please see here), one hard copy of the proposal PDF with all relevant stamps and signatures (see below) has to be sent to the GIF Offices.
The hard copy must bear the signature of all PIs as well as the Administrative endorsement i.e. signature and stamp of all PIs’ institutions on the cover page of the proposal hardcopy, by which is confirmed that the administration of the institution that you are affiliated to is informed about the planned research project and approves that the project is carried out and administered by the institution if funded.
The signed hardcopy of the proposal PDF must be received at the GIF offices by November 20th (year of submission). Otherwise, the proposal may not be evaluated and be delayed to the next relevant submission cycle.  
We do understand that sometimes due to external reasons the signed proposal does not reach our offices on time and there are some delays. In order to ensure including your proposal in the evaluation process we suggest that a scan of the proposal cover page only with all signatures will be sent by mail to Submission.pngwithin the due date [i.e. no later than November 20th  (year of submission)] before sending the full proposal by regular mail. GIF will confirm receipt of the scanned cover page by email - please remember to check your inbox to make sure that you have received this confirmation.
Important.pngIf you do not hold a confirmation letter from the GIF for accepting the proposal by regular mail OR for accepting the scanned first signed page of the full proposal it means that the GIF did not receive your proposal OR the mail.
Please send the hardcopy of the full proposal with all original signatures and institution stamps via AIRMAIL to:    
GIF Main Office
P.O. Box 7008
Jerusalem 91070

Notification on Funding Decisions

Shortly after the annual Board of Governors meeting, usually in the 4th week of June, a letter with the final decision (approved or disapproved) is sent to all applicants. For the Israelis scientists a copy is sent also to their research authorities.
For details on the GIF scientific review process, please see here.
Don't forget.jpg
The decisions of the GIF Board of Governors are final and no appeal is possible.

Within a month after the annual Board Meeting, usually in the second week of July, GIF automatically sends the reviewers' comments (Part A of the review) to all PIs whose proposal was not approved for funding.
Important.pngOur peer review process is confidential and the identities of the reviewers and the advisors are kept as such.

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