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Eligibilitiy Q&A

Can a Director of X Museum be added as PI ?

If the museum is affiliated to a university or is a GIF eligible institution in its own right; he/she will be eligible PI in the proposal.

Can a Professor Emeritus apply together with a research associate in his lab as PIs from the same institute?

Yes.  However he should apply to the GIF only if s/he has a written approval from their institute to conduct research. This approval should be added to the research proposal.

My collaborator has a joint appointment at two institutions of research. However, when applying via the GIF website, there is only one affiliation shown. What to do?

A PI can apply from one institution only, even if he/she is affiliated to another institution. We suggest choosing as institution for affiliation the institute where most of the research will be performed in the frame of GIF grant.
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