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Financial Q&A - Travelling abroad


Can a travel to a conference (not in Germany or Israel) for a meeting with a partner be refunded?

No. Travelling abroad using GIF Grant money is permitted between Germany and Israel only.

Will GIF be able to pay extra expenditures for students’ participation at workshop supported by the GIF at the other partner country even if it was not originally requested?

Yes.  We approve budget allocation depending on the remaining budget and according budget transferring regulation. Please click here for more information: GIF Regular Program

We need to use equipment in a country other than Germany or Israel for our research. Is it possible to get funding from GIF for this?

Yes. Please state clearly in your proposal which type of equipment is needed for your research, where it is physically located and the budget allocation for its use, including a very detailed budget justification. Our reviewers and advisors examine also the budget and refer to it in their evaluations.

I'm attending a conference where participation fees are reduced for members of the XXX professional association. Considering the reduced participation fees, can I charge part of my association membership fees to the GIF grant budget?

No. GIF does not reimburse any kind or part of organizational membership fees.


Can I buy a printer to use for the GIF project?

No. GIF does not fund basic office supplies, such as printers. Materials and equipment must be specifically related to the work in the GIF project.


For further information, or if your questions were not addressed here, please contact us to: Finance.png. We will answer you promptly.



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