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General Q&A

How should I write German words marked with ".."(Umlaute)?

Our system is an English-based one and does not recognize "Umlaute". The letter marked with Umlaute should be translated into ae, ue, oe.

Can a PI or CI be from a country other than Israel or Germany?

No, GIF grants are for cooperation is between German and Israeli groups only.

How should I write the physical address of my German partner?

Please use the German word "Strasse" for street, unless abbreviated (St.)

I read that the proposal is restricted to 10 pages. How many pages should be allocated for figures?

Figures should appear on no more than 3 additional pages.

What is the "Letter of Cooperation"?

It is a statement of each applicant of his/her contribution to the joint research, the benefits of the collaborative approach and the envisioned impact of its result.
Yesterday I could access the GIF website; today, however, I am not able to do so. 
Please try deleting the browser cookies. For your convenience, we summarize the necessary steps:
Step 1: Click Alt+ x to open a window of tool options.
Step 2: Choose and click Internet options. A new window will open, displaying the tab
Step 3: In the second section, Browsing history, choose Delete. A new window with the title
            Delete Browsing History will open.
Step 4: Mark v on the second item - Temporary internet files – and on the third item – 
–  and click Delete at the bottom of this window. The window will be closed.
Please pay attention that there is NO checkmark ( V sign) at the first item : Preserve Favorite website data.

Step 5: Click OK at the bottom of the Internet options window. The window will be closed.
…and you are done. Try to access the GIF website again.

General note: Applications must be written in ENGLISH.

For further information, or if your questions were not addressed here, please contact us to: Admin.png. We will answer you promptly.

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