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Scientific Q&A

When resubmitting a proposal, can we "keep" the good grades from the first submission for the current evaluation process?

No. The proposal will be re evaluated with all other proposals the current cycle. The marks earned last cycle will not be part of the new evaluation.

Can the same proposal be resubmitted to the following year within a different area?

No. Once the applicants have decided to which field their proposal belongs, it stays on that field.

Does GIF allow the use of equipment that is not to be found either in Israel or Germany, but in another country?

Yes, in some cases the GIF allows this. Please state clearly in your proposal which facility/equipment is needed for your research and why, where it is physically located, and the budget needed for its use, including a very detailed budget justification. Our reviewers and advisors are examining also the budget and are referring to it in their evaluations.

For further information, or if your questions were not addressed here, please contact us to: Science.png. We will answer you promptly.

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