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GIF Young Scientists’ Program Q&A

From which date count the 8 years after obtaining my PhD or equivalent degree?
The 8 years' period refers to the date the requested grant would start. 

Do I need to have contacts in the other country already in order to apply for a GIF Young Scientists’ Grant?

No, the aim of the GIF Young Scientists’ Program is to help researchers to establish first contacts with the other country scientists. However you are asked to mention names of potential collaborators in the other country as part of the research proposal submitted to the GIF.

I am within the first 8 years of my PhD, and have already cooperated/published with scientists from the other country. Can I submit for a GIF Young Scientists’ Grant?

No. The GIF Young Scientists’ Program aims to help establishing first contacts with researchers in the other country.

I will not be able to complete the research as planned within the one-year grant period. What can I do?

The GIF Young Scientists’ Program includes an option for a no-cost extension of up to 6 months. A request for extension must be sent to the GIF at least 3 months before the original conclusion of the grant.

I was not able to travel to the other country to meet potential collaborators within the 12 months’ grant period. What will happen now?

The visit to the partner country is mandatory and an integral part of a GIF Young Scientists’ project. It must be completed in order to fulfill the conditions of the grant agreement. If the mandatory visit to the partner country is not carried out, the complete grant sum must be returned to the Foundation. Under certain circumstances, the GIF will consider the option for a no-cost extension of max. 6 months (see above) to complete the mandatory visit. The request MUST reach the offices of the GIF 3 months prior to termination of the 12 months’ project.

Is the submission of a collaboration project in the GIF Regular Program after establishing contact within a Young Scientists’ Grant mandatory?

No. It is not mandatory to follow up a GIF Young Scientists’ grant with a collaboration project; although we certainly hope that your visit to the partner country will lead to fruitful ties, and would be happy to receive your joint application with a research partner from this country.

For further information, or if your questions were not addressed here, please contact us to: . We will answer you promptly Science.png. We will answer you promptly.​

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