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Bioethical Certificates of Approval

Important.pngAll information on this page is part of the GIF Guidelines, which are binding for all applicants and grantees.
For your convenience, you can download a full version of the GIF Guidelines in
                  PDF format here.

You must indicate in your research proposal if any of the ethical approvals listed is needed to conduct your research.
In case your proposal will be approved for funding the following applies:
It is an obligation of the Grantees to assure that GIF-supported research is conducted in accordance with the highest ethical standards and all applicable laws and regulations. The research must be carried out in a manner that minimizes detrimental effects on humans, animals, plants, and the environment.
To be approved by the GIF, all research proposals must fully comply with the Helsinki Committee standards and/or all rules, regulations, and ethical codes which have been enacted by the governments and/or empowered authorities in Germany and Israel.
It is the primary responsibility of the researchers to assure compliance with restrictions in Israel and Germany and to obtain all necessary permits prior to the implementation of a GIF Grant. The GIF will not be held responsible or legally liable in the event of non-compliance and/or negligence and/or any kind of violation of such regulations.
PIs whose projects involve research on human stem cells will have to ensure that all project partners comply with the regulations in force in both countries. Since these regulations are still under discussion, applicants will have to keep themselves informed and submit the required documentation in full before the approved Grant can be implemented. Without the necessary approval, the GIF Grant cannot start.
For experiments on animals, the agreement of the relevant institution's official commission on animal experimentation, pertinent to the proposal, must be submitted.
Applicants who are planning to conduct clinical trials of any kind must describe these tests in detail and include the appropriate permits in the proposal.
Important Note.pngWithout all the necessary approvals (as indicated in your proposal), the GIF Grant cannot start.
Important.pngThe relevant bioethical approvals must be marked in the electronic submission of the proposal. In case the proposal is approved, an up to date approval/s must be
                 provided in English, on the stationery of the relevant authorities. While it is obvious that obtaining the updated approval may take a while, the mandatory bioethical approvals must be submitted within 12 months after the date of Grant approval. Otherwise, the Grant will be cancelled.
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