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GYSM - GIF Young Scientists' Meetings

One of GIF’s main missions is to bring together scientists from Germany and Israel to work jointly for the benefit of both societies.   
Recognizing the importance of encouraging the cooperation already between the younger generation of scientists doing their first steps in the academia, the GIF Board of Governors has launched a new program starting in 2017: the GIF Young Scientists‘ Meetings (“GYSM”). 
The aim of the GYSM is to create a platform for younger scholars from both countries who are doing their first steps in the academia to meet, become acquainted with each other’s work, learn about funding opportunities, and get the chance to discuss their ideas with established scientists in their field of research.  
The GIF Board of Governors hope that the networks built during the GYSM will lead to new fruitful collaborations.


GYSM Structure

Each year, the GIF will offer 3 scientific workshops of 3 full days, which will take place alternatingly in Israel and Germany, led by prominent scientists from the two countries.   
Each workshop will be open to up to 30 participants in equal parts from Israel and Germany. 
The program of each GYSM will include working sessions in the morning and afternoon, plus keynote lectures by established scientists in the evenings.  

The detailed program will be coordinated by the scientific organizing committee of each workshop. 

Between the morning and afternoon sessions, the program offers free time for further personal exchange between the participants.

Travel, accommodation, and meals of the participants will be covered by GIF.
Complimentary tour (for workshops in Israel only)
For workshops taking place in Israel, a complimentary joint 2 day tour of the country is planned, in order to offer the participants personal impressions and insights into Israel’s culture and academia. 

GYSM Eligibility and Conditions


  • The GYSM are open to doctoral students in the last stages of obtaining their degree, and researchers up to 5 years after receiving their PhD, MD, or equivalent degree.
  • Preference is given to participants who have no prior active funded research cooperation with scientists in the other country.
  • There are no limitations for numbers of resubmission to the program. 
  • Participation for the full duration of the workshop is mandatory.
  • Additional specific criteria for each workshop will be defined by the scientific organizing committee, and will be published under the call for proposals webpage (see here​)

Selection of participants for GYSM workshops

As the number of participants in each workshop is limited, GIF will not be able to accept all applicants.  
It is at the discretion of the members of the scientific organizing committee of each workshop to select the most appropriate candidates for a synergetic and productive workshop program.  
The decisions of the scientific organizing committee are final and no appeal is possible.

Call for proposals 

For the upcoming GYSM call and application form, please click here​.

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