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GIF Regular Program

GIF Regular Program

The GIF Regular Program supports cooperative research projects conducted jointly by German and Israeli scientists.

Projects must involve active collaboration between Israeli and German scientists, such as interdependent research conducted in different laboratories, sharing of research facilities, materials, equipment and/or services, exchange of scientific and technological knowledge and/or exchange of research personnel.


The GIF also assist potential applicants in finding potential collaborator. If you need our help on that, please send us an email which should include a short abstract of a joint research you have in mind, what it is that you are looking for in your potential partner, and a short CV. Please send this email to: Science.png. The email should reach the GIF by March of the year prior to the appropriate submission cycle for your research.

GIF Young Scientists’ Program

GIF Young Scientists’ Program

The GIF Young Scientists’ Program aims to encourage young scientists and help them establish first contacts with potential counterparts in Israel or Germany. The program supports researchers within 8 years after completing their Ph.D., M.D., or equivalent degree (at the time when the requested grant would start) and will give these scientists an opportunity to present themselves and their research activities in the other country.

For this purpose, a travel of minimum 7 full working days to the partner country until the end of the project period is mandatory.


GIF Young Scientists’ Meetings (GYSM)

The aim of the GIF Young Scientists' Meetings (GYSM) is to create a platform for young scholars from both countries, who are doing their first steps in the academia, to meet, become acquainted with each other’s work, learn about funding opportunities, and get the chance to discuss their ideas with established scientists in their field of research.  
The GYSM are open to doctoral students in the last stages of obtaining their degree, and researchers up to 5 years after receiving their PhD, MD, or equivalent degree.
GIF offers 3 scientific workshops each year for up to 30 participants per workshop, which will take place alternatingly in Israel and Germany for a duration of 3 full days, led by prominent scientists from the two countries.

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