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GIF Young Scientists Program

img-gif-ysp.jpgThe GIF Young Scientists’ Program aims to encourage young scientists and help them establish first contacts with potential counterparts in Israel or Germany. 
The program supports researchers within 8 years after completing their Ph.D., M.D., or an equivalent degree (at the starting date of the Grant), and will give these scientists an opportunity to present themselves and their research activities in the other country.
The GIF Young Scientists’ Program is aimed to scientists without research partner. The applicants should not have any working relations yet with scientists in the other country. This program offers a platform to facilitate first contacts between younger scientists with potential collaborators in the other country, which may later on lead to a joint proposal within the GIF Regular Program based on this project.
For this purpose, travel to the partner country during the 12 months’ Grant period is mandatory. The mandatory minimum duration of visit is 7 full working days. An extended visit of 2 weeks is recommended.

As per decision of the GIF Board of Governors in June 2016, the ceiling for requested budget has been removed, and has been replaced by an average budget of EUR 20,000 per GIF Young Scientists' grant.

The budget will be approved according to the nature and scientific merit of the proposal. 
Therefore, a well justified budget should be part of the research proposal.​​
GIF differentiates between theoretical and experimental research proposals
Further special attention is given to the novelty and originality of the proposal. 
Detailed information is provided in the guidelines for applicants.
Please note also the information on the eligibility of institutions and investigators.
GIF projects shall concern science and technology for peaceful purposes only.
Both basic and applied research projects in all areas will be considered equally with no predetermined quotas.
Important.pngEach applicant to the GIF Young Scientists' Program can submit only one proposal at a time. GIF will not consider and/or fund simultaneously more than one proposal
                 per applicant and/or Grantee. Each applicant can apply ONLY two times to this
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