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General Information

Important.pngAll information on this page is part of the GIF Guidelines, which are binding for all applicants and grantees.
For your convenience, you can download a full version of the GIF Guidelines in
                  PDF format here.

1. Grant Notification

All funding decisions are taken by the GIF Board of Governors at the annual GIF Board meetings. All decisions are final.
A short letter of notification regarding the Grants awarded will be sent to the Principal Investigators (PIs) usually by the end of June. For the Israelis researchers, a copy will be sent to the research authority of their institution.
​About a week later, a detailed letter of the conditions, terms, and required budget adjustments will be sent to the PIs by the GIF Director.

2. Research Grant Agreements and Documents Required Before Starting.

The PIs, as well as their affiliated institutions, must sign the Research Grant Agreement by which they and/or their institutions assume primary responsibility for the general supervision of the research project in accordance with the research proposal and its budget, any changes stipulated in GIF's letter of approval, and these regulations.
The following are deemed incorporated into the Research Grant Agreement and constitute an integral and inseparable part thereof:
c) The research proposal and budget as approved by the GIF Board of Governors,
d) The declaration regarding parallel funding.
The Research Grant Agreement become valid upon being signed by one of the Chairpersons of GIF’s Board of Governors, the GIF Director, all PIs and their institutions.
Download.jpgA sample of the current GIF Grant Agreement (amended version approved by the GIF Board of Governors on 18 June, 2014) can be downloaded for the
              GIF Regular Program
              GIF Young Scientists' Program 
Download.jpgThe agreement between the two ministers on the establishment of the GIF referred to in paragraph 1.a) of the research GIF Grant Agreement can be can downloaded
Download.jpgThe form for the declaration regarding on parallel funding can be downloaded from the list of GIF forms.
Grant payments will commence only after the original Research Grant Agreement, signed by all relevant parties, has been returned to the GIF together with all required signed forms.
All required documents as specified in the letter sent by the GIF following the Grant notification (final budget distribution, project schedule, declaration regarding parallel funding, bank details) should reach GIF no later than 31st October before the grant starts; otherwise, the first payment may be delayed.
Please note: All required documents for starting the grant must reach GIF offices no later than 3 months after the original grant starting date; otherwise, the grant will be cancelled.
Important Note.pngNote for Grantees who wish to postpone the starting date of their grant
(GIF Regular Program ONLY;
Postponing the starting date in the GIF Young Scientists’ Program is possible only in case of parental leave, see here​)

Please submit the form for postponing the starting date of your Grant no later than December 1st before the original starting date. The form is available for download here
1)  Grant Duration: the duration of a GIF Regular Grant cannot be more than 4 years (maximum grant period of 3 years + 1 year of no-cost extension) from the original starting date (1st January). A delay of the starting date means that the option for a 'no-cost extension' will be less than one year, shortened by the number of months that the starting date was postponed.
2)  Documents: All signed documents should still arrive to the GIF offices on the date mentioned in the original award letter (10th October before the original starting date of the grant) and no later than 3 months after the original grant starting date.
3)  Payments: The first payment will be sent in accordance with the GIF payment dates and not before the actual starting date of the Grant.


3. Obligations of the PIs

Prior to starting the Grant, the PI(s) is/are obliged to return the original Research Grant Agreement to the GIF signed by all PIs and their institution(s), plus all required forms (final budget distribution, project schedule [GIF Regular Program only], declaration regarding parallel funding, bank details).
The PIs are obliged to submit yearly financial and scientific reports in accordance with the GIF guidelines (see chapters “Financial Reports” and “Scientific Reports” for the GIF Regular Program and the GIF Young Scientists’ Program).
The PIs are obliged to perform the research as portrayed in the research proposal and to ensure that the Grant budget shall be used solely for the purpose of the research project and in accordance with the provisions of the research Grant agreement.
The PIs are obliged to inform GIF about any changes
GIF Regular Program: In order to encourage cooperation, the PIs (or their team members) are obliged to meet for several days at one of their institutions. These meetings should be described in the annual scientific report. Non-compliance with this requirement is considered a breach of contract, for which GIF will be entitled to terminate the project.
 Don't forget.jpgThe jointly signed research Grant agreement obliges the partners in a GIF Grant to carry out the research in a cooperative and productive manner.
GIF Young Scientists’ Program: The PI is obliged to visit the partner country for a minimum of 7 full working days during the Grant period; in order to present their research and establish first contacts with prospective partners. If no such visit takes place, it shall be considered a breach of contract, and the last payment will be forfeited. The foundation may require reimbursement of all previous Grant payments as well.
The PIs are obliged to return to GIF any funds which were not used during the Grant period.
The PIs are obliged to acknowledge GIF funding in any publication based on the research supported (see chapter “Publications and Acknowledgements” for the GIF Regular Program and the GIF Young Scientists’ Program).
The PIs are obliged to report to GIF any applications to other funding sources concerning similar projects to the one already supported by GIF (see chapter “Parallel Funding” for the GIF Regular Program and the GIF Young Scientists’ Program).
The PIs are obliged to comply with GIF regulation regarding patents and copyrights as stated in the GIF Grant agreement and in these Grantees’ guidelines (see chapter “Patents and Copyrights” for the GIF Regular Program and the GIF Young Scientists’ Program).
Important Note.pngThe PIs are obliged to meet all conditions and requirements of ethics applicable to the research domain and take care that the research will be performed in accordance
with all applicable laws and without any violation of any law.

4. Records and Inspection

The Grantees must keep complete records of expenditures relating to the research project in a separate bookkeeping account. These records must be preserved for five years after completion of the research project. GIF reserves the right to: examine all books, original documents, records and accounts relating to the research project while it is in progress and for five years after its completion; make inspections at all locations where the research is being conducted, and receive full information regarding these activities from the investigators.
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