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Review Process

GIF is committed to prompt evaluation of submitted proposals. Our submission and review processes are fully electronic.
All proposals are assigned to a Committee of Scientific Advisors in the relevant research field.
In the evaluation process, GIF employs three scientific layers to ensure that the most deserving proposals in each cycle are funded. The layers are: reviewers, the scientific advisory committees and the scientific Board members.
In order to match the most suitable reviewers to each proposal, all proposals are categorized into scientific fields and are assigned to scientific committees. Each committee consists of scientific advisors who have broad expertise in the required scientific area.
GIF’s Scientific Advisors are members of the German and Israeli scientific communities, appointed upon recommendation by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) and the Israel Science Foundation (ISF).
According to decision by the GIF Board of Governors, the GIF Scientific Advisory Committees are entitled to recommend to the GIF Scientific Board Members not to accept part of the proposals for further processing, based on the scientific merit, novelty and originality of the proposal in comparison with the other proposals within the relevant Scientific Committee. 
Any recommendation not to accept a proposal for further processing will be based on the unanimous agreement of all the members of the relevant Scientific Advisory Committee.
The final decision regarding the proposals not recommended for further processing will be taken by GIF's Scientific Board Members (November of the year of submission). 
Applicants whose proposals were excluded from further processing will receive an email informing them about the decision.
For all proposals accepted for further processing, GIF’s Scientific Advisors recommend expert referees from Germany, Israel, and other countries for detailed peer review of each proposal. The peer review process is confidential and identities of reviewers are not released.

Download.jpgSamples of the GIF evaluation form:
GIF Regular Program
GIF Young Scientists’ Program

Upon completion of the peer review process, the members of the GIF Advisory Committees analyze the referees' evaluations and rank all proposals in their respective field according to scientific merit. At the final stage of the committee work layer, all advisors in the committee jointly prepare their final suggestions for ranking of all the proposals. These final recommendations by all committees are submitted to the GIF Scientific Board Members. The suggestions serve the Scientific Board Members in taking their final decisions.
Decision-making by the GIF Board of Governors is not a simple matter. Taking the decision about the ranking consumes a lot of thoughtfulness and deliberations, while taking into considerations all factors involved.
After deliberations at their annual meeting, the GIF Board of Governors makes their decisions. The GIF Board of Governors decisions are final. The list of the awarded grants is a public domain and is published in the homepage of the foundation each year.
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