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Dear Reviewer,
Thank you for considering to evaluate a proposal submitted to the GIF. Below you will find general information about the program and the 3 layers of the GIF evaluation process. 

About GIF

The German-Israeli Foundation for Scientific Research and Development (GIF) was established in 1986 by an agreement between the Ministers of Science of the Federal Republic of Germany and the State of Israel, as an additional instrument complementing the continuous fruitful ties in scientific and technological cooperation between the two countries.
GIF's objective is to promote and fund basic and applied scientific research projects for peaceful purposes in both countries conducted jointly by teams of scientists. Its annual budget is derived from the interest on a EUR 211 million endowment fund contributed in equal parts by the two countries.
The GIF Board of Governors directing the Foundation consists of an equal number of German and Israeli scientists, each representing a different field of science and is headed by both Ministers of Science.
The Foundation has been established as a legal entity by the Israeli Knesset and the German Bundestag.
The German-Israeli Foundation for Scientific Research and Development (GIF) has established itself over the last two decades as one of the most influential foundations for funding joint academic research. It is highly appreciated by scientists all over the world. This is reflected not only in the high submission rate and quality of proposals, but also by the fact that leading scientists throughout the world provide the GIF Scientific Board with expert reviews, ensuring the high quality of proposals funded. Our grantees include Nobel Laureates and other winners of prestigious prizes. A list of GIF Grants awarded in recent years can be found in the section About us.

GIF Programs

GIF offers two programs:

1) GIF Regular Program
Each proposal in the Regular Program includes at least one team each from Israel and from Germany
Projects must involve active collaboration between Israeli and German scientists, such as interdependent research conducted in different laboratories, mutual visits at the partner's lab sharing of research facilities, materials, equipment and/or services, exchange of scientific and technological knowledge, and/or exchange of research personnel.
The proposal must be written in a coherent joint project explaining the contribution of each team and how do they plan to cooperate as one unit to achieve the main goals and tasks described in the proposal.
The duration of the Grant is up to 3 years. 
As per decision of the GIF Board of Governors in June 2016, the ceiling for requested budget has been removed, and is replaced by an average budget of EUR 40,000 - EUR 80,000 per year (total for all PIs).
The approved budget will reflect the scientific merit of the proposal, and will differentiate between theoretical and experimental research proposals.
A well justified budget is therefore an important part of the research proposal, and special attention to the budget an important part of the peer review.
Priority will be given to teams who collaborate for the first time. Continuations of ongoing Grants will not be excluded; however, they will have to prove an excellent, fruitful collaboration and outstanding scientific merit.
2) GIF Young Scientists Program
This program differs from our RegularProgram as it is open for scientists doing their first steps in the academia with NO previous scientific connections in the other country.
The main aim of this program is to offer these young scholars a platform to present their work in the other country and to find potential collaborators; hence each proposal is submitted by one scientist (PI) with NO collaborator.
The scientists are asked to shortly describe their work and academic background, to ask a research question and to describe how they plan to achieve it with a potential yet unknown partner from the other country.
A mandatory visit in the other country is required in order to allow the applicant to meet potential collaborators, and present his/her work in the hope to find partner/s with whom he/she can start scientific cooperation.  
The duration of a Grant in this program is one year.
Also for the Young Scientists' Program, the ceiling for requested budget has been removed, and has been replaced by an average budget of EUR 20,000 per GIF Young Scientists' grant.​
According to GIF Board decision, research proposals submitted to GIF are evaluated according to the following criteria:
1.    Originality & innovation
2.    Importance & implications
3.    Adequacy of methods
4.    Suitability of investigators’ scientific background to the project.
5.    Mode of cooperation between the teams (GIF Regular Program ONLY) Feasibility for future cooperation (GIF Young Scientists' Program ONLY)
6.    Budget: Adequacy of overall budget, Adequacy of salary, Budget Equipment (if applicable): Is the specified equipment, in all its parts, essential for the project?
7.    Summary (strengths / weaknesses) of the proposal.

Download.jpgSamples of the GIF evaluation form:
GIF Regular Program
GIF Young Scientists’ Program

GIF’s policy is to send a review feedback to the applicants. The review feedback includes only the written evaluation (section A in the evaluation form). Neither the grading nor the final recommendations are included. GIF keeps the anonymity of the reviewers, their names are strictly kept with the GIF and are never revealed to the applicants.
We highly appreciate your contribution as reviewer. Therefore, following worldwide scientific standards, our peer review process is confidential and the identities of the reviewers are not released.
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